About Us

About Us

SupraWorldWide is a UK based independent Pharmaceutical business, providing medical, healthcare and toiletry related supplies to wholesalers right across the UK and internationally. Owned by Supra Enterprises Ltd, SupraWorldWide is managed by an established Pharmaceutical distribution organisation with over 30 years experience in the wholesale and retail healthcare sector.

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Years of Experience

Established in 1988.

Supra Enterprises Ltd has evolved from family run retail pharmacy chain into an independent pharmaceutical distribution and wholesale organisation. Our 26,000 sq. ft. premises is purpose built and is registered with the UK MHRA.

Supra handles pharmaceutical, surgical, medical and FMCG products both nationally and internationally. We work closely with our partners in existing and emerging markets to provide efficient and profitable solutions and services.

Supra partners with companies to generate revenue in existing and emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, CIS, Asia, Middle East, South America and Africa.

We also act as a Global Sales, Marketing & Distribution (SMD) organisation.

Our mission is to be seen as true partners by sharing our expertise, knowledge base and customer contacts.

We believe in a service oriented culture and constantly strive to provide high service levels to our customers. We are dedicated in fulfilling all of our customers’ and suppliers’ requirements however big or small.

Our History


We opened our first retail pharmacy 


Our retail buying group was formed


Supra Enterprises Ltd. was formed as a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler


Supra moved to its first distribution centre (6000 sq ft)


Supra expanded to its second distribution centre (26000 sq ft)


Supra became an exclusive distributor for Relaxit Micro-enema


Supra became the exclusive distributor for Drapolene Cream


SupraWorldWide was launched as a online platform


We continue to create and communicate a winning culture that makes us the preferred choice for our clients and customers. We deliver the most cost effective and creative solutions to clients and customers through openness, honesty and exceeding expectations. We continue to develop our staff who are professional and motivated in the industry.


Our Mission is to be one of the UK's leading online wholesale supplier of high quality medical, toiletries and cosmetic products and to continue providing excellent customer service.



We provide the highest quality medical supplies and brands

Ability Through Experience

We source and supply many top brands in the market.


We provide excellent, personalised customer service and pride ourselves on building relationships

Variety Of Products

We source and supply various healthcare products.


We provide innovative solutions and constantly adapt to customer needs

Global Presence

We have a number of commercial agencies around the world.